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TX C.U.R.E.  Gives Back

Working Toward a Brighter Future


Our philosophy is that effective change comes about with education, dedication, and persistence.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate the prisoners, their families, and the legislators on navigating the TDCJ system and for change.  When necessary, we will direct them to available resources and educate them on how to effectively utilize those resources. 

About Us


Our Board of Directors consists of business professionals, formerly incarcerated, spouses, family members, and concerned citizens, focusing on educating the prisoners and their families on navigating and dealing with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. We take pride in working with the Texas Legislators, promoting reform laws that have a long lasting positive impact on the justice involved in society.

Additionally, we work with the youth of the incarcerated to help them deal with the stresses of life associated with the incarceration of a loved one. We work to guide them to socially adapt and work to better themselves and their families as they grow up into adulthood. 

TX C.U.R.E., Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  We do not operate on a membership base.  We do not offer paid subscriptions. We are managed by our Board and rely solely on donations, gifts and grants.  

Become an intimate part of our advocacy supporting the over 130,000 prisoners and their families.  Click on our DONATE button and support TX C.U.R.E..  All donations are tax deductible.

    Attesting & Current Affairs   

As always, appreciative to be working alongside others who want to make differences.

HB 2708

Thank you Representative Swanson for HB 2708.

More to come!  Stay tuned


It is so important that our communities and society as whole to know that we diligently work for no-profit, on securing fair treatment for prisoners, because it means that much to us.

?Do you know your Rep?

"Prisons should only be used for people who must absolutely be in prison. And, for those who are in prison, they should be given all opportunities needed to turn their lives around to better themselves".

 Directors Hard At Work

On February 13th, our VP, and Treasurer, Renee' Monroe were down at the Capitol meeting Committee members on Corrections and Veterans Affairs.  During their rounds, the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup Wranglers were putting on a demonstration in the outdoor rotunda.   All Renee' would say was, "Tastes like chicken!"


Judge's Gavel on Books

Certification of 
Durable Power of Attorney

Prison Litigation Reform Act 

TX Medical POA

Dallas Attorney Volunteer Program


TX House Representatives

TX Civil Rights

TX State Bar

Prison Legal News/Media

ACLU Request Legal

Pro Bono Law
Offices in TX

News & Publications


C.U.R.E. Founders, Charlie and Pauline Sullivan, who founded Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants in 1972, are awarded a prestigious and beautiful plaque with  the words  "HUMANITARIAN AWARD presented to Charles & Pauline Sullivan as Founders of Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants C.U,R.E. Established  1972  Presented 2023 by WOMEN AGAINST REGISTRY FAMILY FOUNDATION."

A prison guard says she was forced to stay at her post during labor pains. Texas is fighting compensation for her stillbirth.


Prisoners In Cages 


Effective immediately all TDCJ inmate mail is required to be scanned.  All inmate mail, except legal mail, now needs to be sent to:

             Texas Department of Criminal Justice

             Inmate's Full First and Last Name + TDCJ No.

             P.O. Box 660400

             Dallas, TX 75266-0400

This is their video on the new process.  

In court

The Most Lawless County in Texas

Read about this epic tale of the craziest case in the history of jurisprudence.

Judge and Gavel

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11900 Jollyville Rd., #200804

Austin, TX 78720

(512)729-1998 M-F, 8AM - 5PM

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TX C.U.R.E., Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity.  We do not operate on a membership base.  We do not offer paid subscriptions.  We are managed by our Board.   We rely solely on donations, gifts and grants, supporting our Board Members to actively engage in assisting inmates and their families enforcing constitutional rights for Texas prisoners, and the pursuit of legislative changes.   Become an intimate part of our advocacy supporting the over 130,000 prisoners and their families.  

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 All donations are tax deductible.

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